Tips For Raising Tadpoles


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Once you have tadpoles from either friend’s pond or from a pet store, you have to know more about general care of taking care of tadpoles. As you have seen it in how to raise tadpoles, here are more tips about general care taking instructions. Without taking proper care tadpoles can die.

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You can use any good size container for your tadpoles such as;

Other thing to consider are that make sure keep container in

  • Either outside if weather is good but make sure the container has 3/4 shades
  • Can keep them inside with proper lighting
  • Keep them in shallow water
  • Place rocks and smooth gravels can be added at bottom
  • As tadpole matures, it will need a space to get out of the water, so add large stone or submerged wood so it can come out. Remember frogs are amphibian, that means they will need to leave close to water but need to comes out on land as well.
  • Provide shade, aquatic plants and smooths stones for tadpoles to hide and feel secure inside the container. Feeling safe and secure is also important part of raising the tadpoles.
  • Many tadpoles do better with leafy underwater plants according to many tadpole expert sources so use those.

Type of Water to Use:

Always use fresh, spring water without any chlorine. Tap water that most house have has chlorine and it is deadly for tadpoles.

  • Use de-chlorine bottle in tap water. You can let the water sit overnight before using it.
  • Many pet stores, online stores sell it and are inexpensive.
  • Or you can let tap water sit under Sun for 4-5 days to get rid of chlorine before using it inside the container.
  • Water may need changing every week or so, depending on the size of the container.
  • Always take out about 1/3 of original water and keep 2/3 of the old water when replacing with new fresh spring water. As changing 100% water does not go well with most tadpoles.
  • There are also ready made kit available for raising tadpoles kit at home which may be easier for your child and you.

What to feed the tadpoles:

Tadpoles diet depends on type of species they might be. It is often hard to tell what type of frog the tadpoles are until they matures, sometimes you will know the type of species. Regardless of the type of species knowledge, it is generally assumed that majority of tadpoles are herbivores or vegetarians.

  • Frozen leafy lettuce such as romaine or spinach are best option. Just freeze them and crumble and feed them.
  • Some experts suggest boiling the lettuce or spinach to feed them, that will work as well, but boiling will reduce some of its nutrients, so some people suggest just using frozen leaves, as it will be mushy enough for them to chew and eat.
  • You can buy tadpole food, or fish food or crushed algae tablet to feed the tadpoles as well.
  • Feed small amount daily.
  • If your tadpoles seemed to be always on top layers usually means they do not have enough food so give them more.
  • If water becomes muddy or dirty fast, either they are getting too much food or you have not changed the water in a while. See above to see how to change the water tips. (change 1/3 at the time only)
  • Tadpole can stay without water for sometimes but do not keep them too much away from water or hold it your hand.
  • Always clean your hand before handling feeding, changing the water for them

Tadpoles to Frog Process:

Changing from tadpole to frog process, the metamorphosis is simply amazing to see. Depending on type of species, tadpoles can turn in to frog in a few weeks (6 to 8 weeks), while some species have known to take up to 2 years for the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog. Knowing what species you are raising will make process much easier. If you do not know, have patience, eventually it will happen for sure.

How the change happens:

Usually toward the end of tadpole life cycle, you will see tadpole getting back legs. It will start with back legs and they will form front legs in next step.

There will be more changes such as body shapes, loss of gill, lung getting developed and digestive changes will occur this time too. What it means for most tadpoles to frog change is their diet will change form herbivore to carnivore diet.  They will also lose a tail around this time. Many tadpoles will eat very little when they are going through this metamorphosis so there is nothing to worry about if you see they have lost their appetite.

Once the tadpoles starts getting legs and losing tails, it is a great idea to make water more shallow and give them stone of wood perch for them to land on. As without their gills they may simply drown if they do not have place to land on solid surface, so place some large smooth stone, wood etc for them. Some species may need to be removed from water completely once tail is gone, so if you get it from store, friend try to find out about type of species as much as you can so you can care for them better.

What to feed the frogs? Feed the newly developed froglets small crickets, fruit flies, bloodworms, and other small insect and invertebrate foods.

Can you release frogs in to fresh water pond or lake?

If you tadpole/frog species is non native (find out from frog book or internet), it is recommended that you do not release them in to native area as it might create an issue with native species. So, you should create a area in large aquarium or back yard pond to keep and raise them.

If you have native tadpoles and frog species, it can be released in pond or lake. If you decide to release them, do it as soon as possible after metamorphosis such that they will have a best chance to adapt in to the wild in lake or pond area.

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