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Curriculum For homeschooler is important aspect of teaching at home. It does not have to be expensive and yet teach your child all essential that she would learn otherwise at fine teaching institute in ideal world. Here are a few curriculum kits that I like, by asking homeschooling parents around.

The reason I like kit for curriculum is in one shot you get every subject that child is supposed to learn during that year and I do not have to go and buy other separate homeschooling materials. I may buy separate if that is something my child is interested and focus on learning about it. These curriculum choices for prefect for early education at home or supplementing with public school system, from preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade.

Here are a few best selling curriculum sets.

Your Baby can Read: Early Development

This is one of the bestselling programs for young kids before age of 1. It comes with 5 DVDs. Long-term research shows that children who are taught to read by age four, read better than same-IQ, same-socioeconomic status children who are taught at ages 5 or 6. It shows and teaches babies, toddlers, and preschoolers written language during the window of opportunity for learning language. Promotes the learning of “natural phonics”! Includes remarkable footage of babies reading.

The program is good and shot naturally. What I like is that many things are repeated for reinforcing learning for little ones. It is mostly for child under 3 years or preschool ages.

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Early Education Curriculum: A Child’s Connection to the World 

Early Education Curriculum: A Child’s Connection to the World, 4th edition, focuses on the process of planning and implementing curriculum across all content areas, for children from infancy to age 8. New research, perspectives in the field, and issues of new mandated standards are covered. This edition introduces a bind- in- book CD- Rom that contains new activity plans, lesson plans, assessment forms, curriculum webs, room arrangements, and puppet patterns, as well as a four- color insert on outdoor play.

Click here for more information on: Early Education Curriculum: A Child’s Connection to the World 


With the fun, engaging Horizons Preschool Curriculum Set, preschoolers are introduced to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. To add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum, additional topics such as health and safety, arts and crafts, music, and physical education are included. This program, which is faith based and filled with hands-on activities, can be easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure. The Preschool Curriculum Set contains all 180 lessons packaged in two student books, two teacher’s guides, a sing along music CD, and a resource packet. Basic flashcards and other manipulative are included in the resource packet. An optional package of recommended multimedia is available separately.


Great Source Every Day Counts: Teacher’s Guide Grade 1

I would recommend Everyday Counts to anyone who wants to teach a lot of math in a little time each day. I used the third grade edition when teaching in the school system and saw my students’ math scores soar. Now that I am homeschooling my Kindergarten son, I am very happy to have the option of offering this experience to him, too. I only bought the Teacher Edition, so I need to create some of the items from the kit, but no big deal. Also, some of the activities need to be modified a bit for use at home instead of in a class situation with 25 contributing students. For instance, instead of a class birthday graph, we’re graphing the birthdays of our family and friends. Same result.

Click here for more information: Great Source Every Day Counts: Teacher’s Guide Grade 1


Sing, Spell, Read and Write : Kindergarten Level 1 Combo Kit

The Combo Kit is packed with enough language arts instructional material for two full years. Featuring age-appropriate lessons for the younger child, the kindergarten portion of this kit covers the first 15 steps of the 36-step Level 1 program. Two kindergarten student workbooks are included featuring larger print and fewer words per page. Topics covered include letter recognition, letter sounds, manuscript writing, and beginning reading. Boxed: 18″ x 12″ x 6″.

Sing, Spell, Read & Write is a learning-to-read curriculum that uses a 36-step program of carefully sequenced systematic, explicit phonics instruction to build fluent independent readers. The program has a proven, nationwide track record and the soundness of such an approach is strongly supported by current research on brain function, language acquisition, and reading.

You can read our review of this product here.Click here for more information: Sing, Spell, Read and Write : Kindergarten Level 1 Combo Kit

Math 1: Homeschool Kit (Homeschool Math Grade 1)

This math program provides a solid, basic foundation in math. I like the way that it integrates all different math skills throughout the year instead of isolating geometry, addition, subtraction, measurement, etc. by chapter. We have skipped lessons because they are too elementary for my seven year old.

The meeting book is nice to have for keeping up with calendar, weather, and number lines. The series provides review constantly so the child is expected to remember skills learned previously. We will continue to use Saxon Math next year. The concepts are presented in the most simplistic format, one small piece at a time. They are able to achieve mastery with one task before they move on to the next new concept. This does so much for their self-esteem and, I believe, builds in children a confidence in their math abilities that can last a lifetime.

Click here for more information: Math 1: Homeschool Kit (Homeschool Math Grade 1)

Manipulative Kit for Saxon Math K-3

We’ve enjoyed using the manipulatives set. My younger children love to sort the teddy bear counters and play with the pattern blocks. My issue is with the linking cubes as stated in the other reviews. We are currently using Saxon 1 and the manipulative we use the most are the linking cubes. My son and I have a very hard time putting them together. I stopped using them because they are so frustrating and make a lesson take forever with unsnapping and snapping the cubes. I’ve resorted to using the single cube blocks in my children’s Fisher-Price Trio Blocks set. If you have the trio blocks they are a great substitute for the difficult linking cubes.

Click here for more information: Manipulative Kit for Saxon Math K-3

Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Kindergarten System

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read-Kindergarten teaches kids ages 4 to 6 the basic skills needed to become confident readers now and in the future. Along with musical audio CDs and workbooks filled with activities and stories, the program includes a library of original books, flash cards, and reward stickers kids love. PLUS, there is an interactive CD-ROM filled with activities and games designed to make learning fun.

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read-Kindergarten introduces:

* Letter sounds & short vowels

Contents include:

* 1 interactive CD-ROM with 28 fun learning games (PC and MAC compatible)
* 3 audio CDs to guide your child through the program
* 5 sets of flash cards to teach letter names, letter sounds, and sight words, and for Word Play games
* 1 workbook that includes fun activities and 17 great stories
* 24 original books to get your child reading
* 2 colorful progress posters with reward stickers
* Parent’s guide that’s easy to use

With Hooked on Phonics, you do not need to be an expert on Phonics because they teach you every step of the way ! and when i say they teach you every step of the way, i really meant every step of the way! Baby steps literally ! how to correctly pronounce the sounds and decode the words!

Click here for more information: Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Kindergarten System

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Rating: 5stars

Sing, Spell, Read & Write is a phonics-based program that uses a 36-step program of carefully sequenced steps to teach reading, writing, and spelling. Delivering explicit phonics instruction via a multisensory approach. Best for Prek-1st Grade



babyEarly Education Ideas:

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I started teaching my kids at early age to instill the love of learning at young age. Simple things can be taught easily and does not need any textbook for it. However, here are some suggestions and ideas early education kit that may help us parent teaching young kids and make it fun.

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hsbookHomeschooling Reference Books:

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These reference books and homeschooling guide helped me when I started out teaching my 2 kids at home. I still use it for reference even now after 6 years of homeschooling. These are great homeschooling books, that will give you ideas, save you money and give you new ways of teaching complicated subject to your kids and make it fun.

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rs-spanishRosetta Stone Language Learning:

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Learn new language naturally, level 1-5 great for homeschooler or an adult. Online community to practice language skills, learn at your pace. Administrative Tools allow you to formulate lesson plans, manage your student's progress and track their success.

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guidanceDVD Curriculum:

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Top Homeschool Curriculum

switchonschoolhouseSwitched On School House Curriculum:

Rating: 5stars
  • Software based Curriculum upto 12th grade
  • Makes Homeschooling easy and fun.
  • Quick Installation: With a few clicks
  • Automatic Grading: scores, assignments, grading
  • Video Clips: Integrated into the curriculum
  • Built-in Calendar: assign/unassign school days, add/remove events like field trips or holidays
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