Why Parents Choose To Homeschool

There are many people who are homeschooling their kids at home via independent studies, charter school or other legal ways to homeschool a child at home. Often time, many parent of public going kids also supplement education via private piano, art and language classes in weekend, that is also sort of like part time homeschooling.

If you are already homeschooling parent then you know the benefits such as pros and cons of homeschooling and why you chose to do homeschooling. For those who are thinking about homeschooling or have little knowledge about homeschooling wonder why anyone would want to home school their child at home. If you are wondering this article is for you. There are many reasons parent may choose to home school a child, here are main popular reasons parents choose to homeschool a child or children at home.

Why Parents Choose Homeschooling?

Everyone’s reasons might vary a little but here are a few main reasons most parents choose to homeschool kids at home via many homeschooling methods.

1. Inadequate public school systems

In America, kids can only go to local assigned public school based on their parent’s address of home or rental places. That often means, prices of home or rental apartment are generally higher in good school district. So, if you want your child to go to very good public school, parents either has to buy a expensive house in the area or rent a place there to legally use local public school.

There are many time intra country transfer can be possible but it is surely complicated process for many. If you want your child to get a good education, you would have to either buy a expensive house in great school district or send them to equally expensive private school. If parent have more than one child, cost can add up and not every one can afford expense of private school or great public school house location.

In top of that many good to better public school systems leave much to desire for many parents, some may have budget cuts, out of date books and curriculum and other funding issues to really make it worthwhile for a few parents. So, they choose alternative education method and one of them could be homeschooling, charter school or independent studies through public school means educating at home.

2. Parent have special need child

While many public and private school have special need child related programs, but getting approved for it or custom fitting to a child may be an issue for some school district. Other problem some parents may feel is if their child is special need, they might be harassed or bullied at public school by some kids. There have been many cased of kids, not only special need but also different races, fat child, small thin child have been targeted by bullies at school. In some cases, kid’s self esteem is damaged or a few unlucky ones have killed themselves.

While many school authority and concern parents have worked hard to prevent such harassment, but still happens. Some parents therefore, want to avoid frustration of their special need child by doing one on one schooling or homeschooling which may work better for kids and themselves.

3. Having more control over Learning

If you are homeschooling, in many states in US parents still have to follow local state’s guideline on what to teach for each grade. However, many parents feel that by homeschooling their children they have more control over their learning and less focus on current trend and fashions. Many Christian and other religious parents may want to teach religion at home as many public and private school do not teach religion or moral values in a class.

In addition to some parents value art, music and other form of learning such as cooking, clay making or singing in their teaching can do via homeschooling or take extra classes when in public school as many public school do not offer many artistic education to satisfy some parents.

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What is your reason for choosing to home school?


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